Solzy at the Movies - February 6, 2018

"Then there are the jokes that anyone in a relationship ... can relate to:  basic bed etiquette when it comes to the sheets and covers."

Hollywood Chicago - FEBRUARY 5, 2018

"...hilariously coping with the not-so-romantic intimacies of caring for each other while horribly sick." 

Reel Chicago - February 2, 2018

"No, the new independent film, Cold War, won’t make you sick (unless you can’t catch your breath from laughing)..."


"Expect a hard R for violence, male nudity, and explicit vomiting."

Yahoo! Entertainment - April 23, 2015

"But you don’t have to take my word that they’re funny, as they road-tested their Cold War idea with the short film Positive Visualization..."

SCREEN MAGAZINE - February 27, 2015

"'From the very first time I read the script five or six years ago, I just fell in love with the honesty of it,' explains McLaughlin."