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“One of the most daring–yet fresh–looks at the romantic comedy genre...”
— Danielle Solzman, Solzy at the Movies
“Michael Blaiklock and Madeline Walter shine as the infected duo...”
— Paulette Reynolds, CineMata's Movie Madness



Not a day after moving in together, a couple's dreams of domestic bliss go out the window when they both come down with the worst cold of their lives, the dreaded raccoon flu. Suddenly, being right on top of each other starts seeming a little less sexy, until it becomes clear:  even if they survive the flu, they may not survive each other.


“No, the new independent film, Cold War, won’t make you sick (unless you can’t catch your breath from laughing)...”
— Colin Costello, Reel Chicago
You’ll holler and hurl, snicker and spew, and gag and giggle.
— Don Shanahan, Every Movie Has a Lesson


Find out about the film, our cast, crew, and the results of our decades of procrastinating.

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Behind the scenes

Ready to get really confused? Wanna know why there was a Polaroid on set?

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